Groups & Retreats
Educational Group/Class

Not really interested in doing individual therapy but want to find support for how to create and maintain a healthy relationship? Check out our educational groups! We will have new ones starting at various times throughout the year. These groups are time and space limited. They will typically be held over a 4-8 week period for 90 minutes each week. We will limit the number of people to a maximum of 12, in order to help everyone feel like they have space and time to get what they are looking for from the group. Check out our calendar to see when the next one is starting.


*Our most popular group is The House Metaphor. This 8 week class will teach you how to

create and move through the early stages of a healthy (dating) relationship.

*Navigating the porch to the living room

*What to do when you want to go back to the porch or the yard

*Attachment styles in relationships

Therapy/Process Group

Not interested in doing individual therapy but still want some support? Check out our process groups. These groups are set up for specific themes that help you connect to others going through the same thing, to learn not only from the therapist but from each other. We will have groups on the following topics:

*Ambiguous Grief

*Healing after a break-up


Check back for more information coming soon.



These are an exciting new addition to service options. In the future, we will be offering weekend retreats to really delve into the experiences of creating and maintaining healthy relationships. The intention and purpose of these are to have a more hands on approach to learning about the topic. We will also be offering a shorter type experience as well, perhaps one evening in a small group. We will host retreats specific to different types of relationships: singles, dating and married. Check back for more information coming soon.

The Relationship Center


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