Relationships can be messy and hard. At times we all struggle to know what to do in our various relationships. Sometimes we know just what to do and other times we are flabbergasted at the way things are going. When we don't understand what to do, we often get hurt, and painful patterns start to set in.


Relief from these painful patterns is possible. I offer a wide variety of options to help you identify the problem and find solutions to make changes…. real long-lasting changes that will help you find stability.


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My Approach

I use the word therapy for the work that I do. I am intentional about this because it more closely aligns to what I do and how I see things. This is work, just like physical therapy. You have to learn new ways of doing things and perhaps using muscles that you never knew you had. You will have to practice at home in order to make good progress. If you are looking for counseling where you want to just talk about your problems and then go home, I am not the therapist for you. I will challenge you and ask you to think about things differently. I will also be kind and understanding and create a place where you can dive deep into yuck that you may have never been able to go before.

About me

My name is

Jen VanEngelenhoven. 

I am passionate about people and helping them grow

into their potential. I love this work and have been doing it for almost 10 years.